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Bali Hai knows the story of Lembongan like few others. We were the very first tourism operator on the island, organising the first trips over 31 years ago. Throughout those years we have built a deep and authentic relationship, not just with our employees but with all residents living on the beautiful island.

Our workforce community is onethat spans generations of Lembongan islanders. From the current 160 Lembongan staff, there are individuals that have been with us for the full 31.5 years; some are already second-generation; others are father and son teams still working side-by-side. Something we encourage and cherish.

Even at the lowest point during the pandemic in 2020, where the whole operation was closed for five months, we continued a necessary program to upkeep the facilities – ensuring staff were able to still support themselves and their families. A core priority for us as a business.

Being a stable part of the community, allows us to grow roots, and ensure this lasting impact continues for many years to come. Below are other integral areas to this relationship:


– We have recently purchased new tables and chairs for Ceningan Primary School, and supported children’s programmes with the Coral Triangle Centre. We continue to support education for children on the island and will encourage the teenagers to consider hospitality as a bright future.

The Environment

– We have one of the island’s only integrated water systems that recycles drinking water and brown water for our tranquil, green gardens. We help keep the island’s precious reserves for those who really need it. Alongside this, we work with international giants, MARS Inc, as an ongoing effort to combat reef degeneration by building a growing artificial reef.


– Through your help, we have ensured the impact of donations is maximised by making sure the funds go straight to the source. Some of our favourite organisations to support are Lembongan Marine Association, Bye Bye Plastic Bag Bali and the Coral Triangle Centre.


– We have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in local taxes, which means the local government could successfully fund new projects like the island hospital, and will continue to build infrastructure for future generations.

You may have also noticed the seaweed farmers in front of the resort now; many locals had no choice but return to their old trade – something we supported wherever possible.

We are here for all those that call Nusa Lembongan their home – through thick and thin!  Bali Hai is proud of its legacy on this island and how we have contributed to the local economy for nearly 32 years.

We cannot wait to welcome you back again soon.

The post SUPPORTING NUSA LEMBONGAN THROUGH THICK AND THIN first appeared on Bali Hai Cruises.

The post SUPPORTING NUSA LEMBONGAN THROUGH THICK AND THIN appeared first on Bali Hai Cruises.

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