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A fusion of Indonesian and Western cuisine

Hai Ri Zen is Hai Tide Beach Resort’s newest restaurant. The innovative, bamboo architecture allows guests to dine in the open air with uninterrupted views of Mount Agung and the Indian Ocean.


Our menu fuses traditional Indonesian cuisine and bold Western flavours. Some of our most popular dishes include Wagyu Beef, Grilled Tiger Prawns and Homemade ravioli. Plates are small and meant to be shared among family and friends. Take a look at our Instagram here.

Regular menu served from 03pm to 10pm


Hai Ri Zen is conveniently located within the resort, but it can also be accessed from anywhere on Nusa Lembongan Island. When you make your reservation, don’t forget to ask about free pick-up and drop-off service. BOOK NOW


Hai Ri Zen can accommodate large groups for parties, conferences, meetings, or weddings. Contact us for more information.


May 29, 2023

A fantastic place to visit at night for cocktails. Beautifully lit up with a lovely view of Mushroom beach. They have a great selection of original cocktails to choose from. The raspberry mule has a good, spicy, gingery kick! Our waitress, Ayu, was wonderfully helpful and looked after us well.

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mrsflypaper | Italy

April 29, 2023

Food: really great. Had soms of the so called ‘small dishes’. We shared three plates with the two of us, plus some desert and it was more than enough. The food was absolutely delicious, could be considered as one of the best foods I’ve had.Then the wine. We took the pinot noir by bottle, which was good, as usual. But there were plenty of other options to choose from. If you don’t want to drink a whole bottle, they serve some wines by glass as well. Not as many options as when you choose to serve by bottle, but the most popular ones are available.Now desert, took the fried banana with ice which was a delicious combo. My friend had a cheesecake. This one turned out to be served warm which was weird because we’re used to cold cheesecake where we come from, but nonetheless it was really tasteful.The service; Service couldn’t be better. No matter what, they’re always there for you. If it’s to fill your glass when it’s half empty, change seats, ask for tips around the island, they’ll always help you out.Now the setting. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the location and the looks of this restaurant/bar. It’s a wooden building, with open walls on 2 sides and the main open wall has a lookout right over the sea. The building is decorated with lots of small (as we call them) Christmas lights and some candles over the place. Music is really chill, mostly some well-known European songs covered by another artist in a really chill loungy kind of vibe. With the sound of the music and the waves tiding in in the background, drinking a cocktail or eating some delicious food, it’s just an amazing experience.And lastly the price. This is my only flaw here. Not because it’s really expensive. Especially not compared to European prices for this quality of food, but it can be noticed that the prices here are a bit more expensive then other places around the island. This might not seem like it, as the prices on the menu aren’t that weird, but on the bottom of the menu you’ll find a small phrase noting that there’s a 10% tax plus a 10% service fee, not included in the prices on the menu. This might be a bit of a shock when you get the final bill, but we still had a really great diner, with a desert and a bottle of wine for about 35€ per person. Which wouldn’t be expensive at all for a dinner this tasteful and luxurious back home, but still a bit more expensive than other restaurants (where you’ll probably won’t find food / service / location for a better price)Overall; would definitely recommend checking out this restaurant. 10/10.

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GrandTour12853335005 |

May 06, 2023

Very nice restaurant with very good food! We had a lovely evening with our son. Definitely recommended to go if you are on that side of the island :)

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tsermo757419 | The Netherlands

May 6, 2023

Beautiful restaurant and delicious food. Thank you! We had the a lovely lady Ayu and Nanda who gave exceptional service.

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Sophie Gardner |

April 04, 2023

Great food at very reasonable prices our waiter Juni gave us exceptional service would highly recommend this restaurantKid-friendliness: Catered well for kids

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Anita Freeman |

May 01, 2023

Really good place for a special occasion or nicer dining experience. We really enjoy it and were served by Pebni who was lovely and attentive. Would recommend.

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Thea Winn-Reed |

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